Why Support the Divine Wine Fest?

Your support of Wine Fest goes directly back to the ministry at the St. Lawrence Center whose mission is to form the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Kansas and others who wish to join, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Catholic intellectual, moral, liturgical and spiritual tradition. The programs and ministries that are funded through your support include: sacraments, retreats, community building & fellowship, mission trips, classes, liturgical ministries, leadership training, scholarships, seminars, social justice outreach opportunities, mentorship, and spiritual direction. For a fuller picture of all the St. Lawrence Center provides, head to kucatholic.org.

From the Event Chairs...

Dear Friends,

Last year Christy and I attended a fantastic KU Catholic REUNION: the resurrected Divine Winefest benefitting the St Lawrence Center at the University of Kansas.  It was like being on campus all over again (except perhaps with a few more years under our belts). Reconnecting with friends, some of whom we have not seen in many, many years, made for an enjoyable evening filled with lots of laughter, memories, wine, and animated conversation.

We learned that evening that 75% of the St Lawrence Center’s budget comes from the generosity of community members like you and me.  Currently, the Center is growing, trying to reach even more students to create a place like home and have a larger cultural impact that will flow over into our Archdiocese and beyond. St. Lawrence reaches around 1,000 students in the course of a year, but it is estimated that there are over 6,000 baptized Catholics on campus. The time is now to join in this most important mission – we need to bring our Catholic students at KU home to the Church!

This year, we are honored to serve as the event chairs of the 2019 Divine Winefest taking place on November 16, 2019. When asked, Christy and I felt it was important to say yes to this call, as the St. Lawrence Center has meant so much to us throughout our lives. Christy went through RCIA during her last year at KU, and later Msgr. Vince Krische, who directed the Center for 28 years, married us, along with Fr. Bill Porter. The experiences we had at the St. Lawrence Center have had a lasting impact on our lives and we are thrilled to see our children who are attending KU get as much out of the St. Lawrence Center as we did.

Whether you are an alum, a parent, grandparent, or even a friend of someone who attended the University of Kansas and benefitted from the St. Lawrence Center, we need you!  Our future generations need you. Christy and I would be honored if you would join us in support of this great mission. In order to change the lives of more students, we need four sponsors to join us at the Gold Level, ten to join us at the Crimson level, and twenty new sponsors to join us at the Blue Level. We are hopeful for your YES and hope to hit our goal of $300,000 in sponsorships by July 15. We are praying for your generosity in continuing the enrichment of our youth, thus helping them to become the best professionals and parishioners upon graduation.  

It would be a blessing if you joined us as a sponsor of the 2019 Divine Winefest. Enclosed you’ll find more information on sponsorship, and we would be happy to answer any questions you have about why we said yes to this role.        

Let’s feed our youth, because, as St John Paul II said, “the future of the world and of the Church belongs to the younger generation.”

With Prayers and Gratitude,

Bill & Christy Wiedeman
Divine Winefest Chairs 2019