Why Support the Divine Wine Fest?

Your support of Wine Fest goes directly back to the ministry at the St. Lawrence Center who's mission is to form the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Kansas and others who wish to join, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Catholic intellectual, moral, liturgical and spiritual tradition. The programs and ministries that are funded through your support include: sacraments, retreats, community building & fellowship, mission trips, classes, liturgical ministries, leadership training, scholarships, seminars, social justice outreach opportunities, mentorship, and spiritual direction. For a fuller picture of all the St. Lawrence Center provides, head to kucatholic.org.

From the Event Chairs...

We are so excited to chair the St. Lawrence Center 60th Anniversary Divine Winefest!  The St. Lawrence Center is very important to us because it encompasses many of the things closest to our hearts: our children, the Catholic Church, and KU.     The St. Lawrence Center was, and still is, very special to us, as it brought us together as a couple and set the stage for our adult lives in our faith. Our hope is that as many KU students as possible can experience the lasting difference the St. Lawrence Center has made in so many of our lives.  We are sad that so many young people are leaving the Catholic Church today and more are not practicing.  We believe that a lack of faith is a large contributor to so many of our youth in emotional crisis today in an often confusing and difficult world.  The St. Lawrence Center can teach these students  how faith, hope, love, and joy can change their lives and the lives of others.   That is why we are so passionate about this event.  We are proud to celebrate 60 years of this life changing and eternal life saving organization, and passionate about raising money to reach over 6,000 Catholic students at KU and many others who may be unfamiliar with the Catholic faith.  We believe that investing in the St. Lawrence Center is investing in the formation of adults who will live the faith actively and change the world for the better.

Andy and Stephanie Eilert

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